Simplicity and Silence

Nothing moves around on this page. No scripts are running around in the background to pop up windows or to move around advertisement. No sound suddenly starts to catch your attention. No additional resources are covertly loaded from 3rd party servers, and no cookie consent dialog needs to be answered before reading the page, because the page does not set any cookie for read-only visitors.

Simplicity and silence is beautiful.

I know that there is always a reason, why pages become annoying for their visitors. The public relation office wants to gain statistical usage data for the web-pages of the company to optimize the web representation. Additional money can be gained by the 3rd-party advertisement. A big number of visitors is considered as an asset, and because of this the number of visitors and the number of re-visits are considered to be important to measure the value of the web-representation.

The number of reasons to include more and more scripts and cookies, and to collect more and more analytical data are countless. But looking at myself I fear that this is the wrong direction.

If the point is reached, at which more bandwidth is used to satisfy the own curiosity or to show 3rd-party advertisement as is used for the transport of the message, then it is probably time to rethink the approach. If visitors first need to block scripts and blinking advertisements to be able to focus on the text, then your web page reached the point, where visitors no longer enjoy the visit on your page.

A bit less is often more.