Software Engineering and IT Services

Working more than 25 years in the field of software development, the results of my work where either strictly for internal use or they became part of commercial products.

In my personal computer setup the open source solutions became more and more important, until finally no further closed software was in use in my private setup.

In my business environment open source libraries became more and more dominant, as did also my long felt desire to pay back my dept to the open source community for the great software they provide.

In 2019 I took an opportunity to leave the company I worked for to start my own small business with the goal to use solely open source and to contribute to open source projects with my work.

2020 had to become a year of investment into own infrastructure and self-education. I'm sure this part of my work will continue endlessly, but in 2021 project work and IT support services will demand their share of my time.

Software Development

I am available for software development projects in the open source area. I intent to contribute to projects of my own choice anyway, but if you have an open source project which needs taken care for: I can still be booked for money.

I am also available for custom software development for small and medium businesses. For these I make the exception that the results do not necessarily need to be shared as open source.

I can contribute in the following areas:

IT Services

I offer support to small and medium businesses to shift their office or business software from closed source to open source. After such transitions I stay available for further support.

Not in all cases open source alternatives exist, but in most cases it does. I help to identify the right alternatives and to introduce them to the users.


While I'm generally available for topics mentioned above, it always depends also on the planned schedule. And as soon as I have customers with need for support, the general rule is: Support First.

Customers which are running a project might not like this initially, but I'm sure that they will insist on this rule themselves after the project finished.